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Does the controversy ever stop?

Yes another captain arguing with the umpire. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The match is still in progress but I can almost hear the Hindustan Times and the Times of India working themselves up into yet another righteous frenzy. How dare those umpires not give David Hussey out! This is yet another example of that world wide conspiracy against the Indian Cricket Team.

I know this won’t make difference to those rabid fans with their arm long lists of real and perceived transgressions but I am going to give it a try never-the-less.

David Hussey was on 17 when MS Dhoni appealed under the recently changed laws for obstructing the field, after the batsman held out his hand to prevent a throw from hitting him or, perhaps, going on to strike the stumps. After a lengthy television consultation the appeal was rejected, much to the consternation of the visitors.

The relevant law presently states: “For the avoidance of doubt, if an umpire feels that a batsman, in running between the wickets, has significantly changed his direction without probable cause and thereby obstructed a fielder’s attempt to effect a run out, the batsman should, on appeal, be given out, obstructing the field. it shall not be relevant whether a run out would have occurred or not.”

Replays clearly show that Hussey did not deviate from this path in attempt to block the ball.

Yes, he did hold his hand up, an instinctive gesture to stop the ball from hitting him and that behaviour is allowed under a clause of rule 37 which states “Notwithstanding 1(a) above, a batsman will not be out under this Law if he handles the ball to avoid injury.”

P.S. What I found rather strange is that an Australian and a South African, i.e. Greg Chappell and Tony Grieg both thought he should be given out, whilst it was two Indians, i.e. Ravi Shastri and Sanjay Manjrekar who thought his actions were OK. Will wonders never cease!

Cricket Humour

I made myself take a vow that I would try to keep this blog as high brow as possible but today I will give myself permission to move to the other end of the spectrum.

Q. What do Dhoni and Michael Jackson have in common?
A. They both wear gloves for no apparent reason.

Q. What’s the Indian version of LBW?
A. Lost, Beaten, Walloped.

Q. What is Sehwag’s favourite movie?
A. Gone in 60 seconds.

On winning the toss,Clarke to Dhoni: “Mate, you can bat.”
Dhoni: “You think so? Thanks for the encouragement!”

Q: Where do Indian Batsman perform their best?
A: In Advertisements!

Q: What is the most proficient form of footwork displayed by Indian batsmen?
A: The walk back to the pavilion.

Q: How should the Indian coach reshuffle the Indian batting order?
A: Move Extras up the order.

Ricky Ponting to Librarian: “Do you have any book on Indian batsmen?”
Librarian: “No, they’re all out!”

Q: What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
A: The entire Indian innings!

I am sure I’ll regret these comments the next time Australian tours India but for now I will keep gloating.


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